Jonesville Consolidated High School

Class of 1966




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Jonesville Concolidated High School (JCHS), a historic African-American high school was located in Jonesville, Louisiana. Our principal at the time of our graduation was the late Mr. E. H. Johnson and upon his retirement, Mr. Roy Mazique our athletic coach became JCHS’ next principal.

The class of 1966 graduated May 17, 1966 Jonesville Consolidated High School (JCHS) before the time of integration of Louisiana schools. After integration, JCHS’ name was changed to Jonesville Junior High School and Block High School became the official integrated high school in Jonesville, Louisiana.

Our classmate Carolyn S. Whitley-Yurk heart’s desire and dream was a reunion for the Class Of 1966. The desire and dream of our first individual class reunion was celebrated June 29, 2007 in Jonesville, Louisiana with the theme: “Together Again At Last.” The hard work and diligent efforts of Carolyn, the Class of 1966 Reunion Committee and all classmates, friends, and family who attended was a great success and rewarding fellowship.

We as classmates will continue to celebrate every two (@) years with our next reunion July 2, 3, and 5, 2009 in Jonesville, Louisiana.

 Richard Nesibith  Webmaster
Carolyn S. Whitley-Yurk, Honorary Class of 1966 Reunion Chair
Elnora Brackins-Brown, Committee Member



The JCHS Class of 1966 has come together to fellowship, pray, uplift, encourage and share with one another as we reflect on our class motto “ Act You’re your Part “ by making a positive difference in our respective families, communities and the world. The Class of 1966 commemorates the November 2008 election of our first African- American President Barack H. Obama, II